Bushy Eyebrows - 12.18.2020-12.19.2020

Dream/Vision/Word about General Milley: DECEMBER 2020

I had a dream in the early hours of today and I was in a white car now - I don't own a white car in the natural, but in the spirit I do, so I was in a white car and it was dark out, so my headlights were on - it was nighttime and all of a sudden this white car comes up and blocks where I need to pass and there is a very wicked individual in this white car, so it's posing as something it's not - it's trying to pose as something pure and it's not pure, so this is a very wicked individual - the face was completely demonic and it had that khaki, military color shirt on - this is important, and there was a gentleman standing there, could have been an angel that was coaching me through this and telling me that this individual, in that car, had to do an illegal Β maneuver to get into that position, to try to block me from moving forward - he was basically explaining it to me and outing this person - outing this individual that was trying to do an illegal maneuver - that's the key word here - that's what we're going to see - there's going to attempt to be an illegal maneuver, that's been made to block the path - God is set forth, but this gentleman, who was like a whistleblower, was outing the gentleman in the car, which means when something gets outed, it gets removed, so that's the important part of this, is that the enemy may try illegal maneuvers right now –

God is going to expose them, shine a light on them and they are going to be forced out of the way - they are going to be forced to be removed - they are going to be, by the power of Ruach Elohim the spirit of the living God, moved completely out of the way, so I praise the Lord for that. Just keep praying about that - I’m going to keep praying about this too, because I found it interesting - it was in an army sort of color, and they were determined to attempt - they were posing as something they weren't - that's the other important part of this dream they were posing as something they were not, so they're trying to pass themselves off as something good, when it was clear who was at the wheel was not good, so just keep those things in mind as you pray about that.


Also, I think we're gonna have more insight into that dream with the cars, where I saw somebody that looked like they were dressed in an army uniform, blocking the way, watch for the name of that person to come out, because the one distinguishing feature of that person in the car, that was trying to block the way, was they had very bushy eyebrows that I noticed - so watch for that - watch for somebody, because they were in a white car - so they were posing as somebody good, but they were not good, and they were wearing a khaki, military shirt - watch for this individual to come out - interestingly enough, the gentleman that appeared that was outing him - the Lord blocked half, like half the face, almost so I couldn't see, but that gentleman resembled Lin Wood in the dream - that gentleman - that taller gentleman, who was standing there telling me that, that person in that car made the illegal maneuver - that they made an illegal maneuver and was outing them - the person standing there telling me this information looked like Lin Wood, and the person in the car had a long sleeve, military, khaki shirt on and had bushy eyebrows and had a longer thinner nose, so I would watch for this to come out – I would watch for this to come out that the person had bushy eyebrows - that was when I woke up - that's one of the things I remembered so clearly about their face - they had bushy eyebrows and they were posing as somebody good and they weren't and they were trying to block the way - this narrow way, that we had to go and then this gentleman appeared who resembled Lin Wood and started saying they had to do an illegal maneuver to block like this - there was an illegal maneuver done, so watch for this to come out - watch for this to come out, because this person may already be saying things and so watch for what happens with them - watch what happens with them,because they were being outed in the dream, because they were going to be moved out of the way, so for those of you that were not on the other night…I basically had a dream, and I was standing next to a white car that was running, and the door was open, and it was nighttime and my headlights were on – now, I don't have a white car in the natural, in the spirit, I was in the white car, and there was this narrow path for this car to get through - the car could get through it, but it was narrow, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this car does this weird maneuver, that doesn't happen in the natural, this white car does this weird maneuver and parks right into the place, in that narrow path - completely blocking the way, and it was also a white car, however, there was a very wicked individual at the steering wheel of that white car and he had a khaki, colored army button-down shirt on, without the decorations, and he had very bushy eyebrows, and he looked very wicked, and he had a longer thinner nose and all of a sudden, a gentleman appears to my left and he's an older gentleman, and part of the face was kind of blocked out, and the gentleman resembled Lin wood - after I got a good look at Lin Wood's face, the gentleman resembled Lin Wood and he was pointing out this wicked individual in this car, that was attempting to block the way and said they had to do an illegal maneuver to get into that position - now I think that has a double meaning, because the position they hold in the government - they did some nefarious things to get there - I think that's part of it, but I think there's more to that, they had to do an illegal maneuver to get into this narrow path, to now block it and he was being outed - he was being outed - and what am I doing in the dream...waving at him, going oh God Bless you, like completely, not fazed by what he was doing, because I was confident, he was going to be moved out of the way - oh it was kind of comical, because it was making him angrier, and then there was still this gentleman here talking to me, pointing out this other car, like this exposing of the gentleman with the bushy eyebrows, very bushy eyebrows - I woke up thinking…man does he have thick bushy eyebrows this guy...and he was in khaki, military, button-down shirt, that's another clue - it's another clue - gentleman's military - gentleman's military - so that's another clue - that's another clue, so basically that was that dream.

So, these all tie into the dream - the vision and the two words all tie in together - they all tie in together and this person had a thinner face, so they had a thinner sort of face also, and so basically the gentleman, that was not in the car, in the dream, was the one telling me that the one in the car had made an illegal maneuver, so let me just make sure to clarify that, just so you all know and you can pray about this too.

Glory to God - Glory to God - so watch for this watch, because there's a reason, days ago that I had this dream - there's a reason - so watch, watch, watch, the gentleman was like, you know, it was more of like an oval face, it wasn't a completely thin face, but you know it was almost like a little more oval in nature, but short military haircut, bushy eyebrows, so that's the description.

Glory to God - Glory to God, so basically, I’m going to continue to pray about that as well and we're going to continue to watch, because there's a reason the Lord is talking a lot right now, and I believe it's because of what we're going to see happen, so the Lord at times, when something big is going to happen, will get very talkative and He had me up two nights in a row or two days in a row - I mean I got the first word during the day, but the second, this word I got during the night - I received it, then after being up for hours with the Lord and so all Glory be to God for that.






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