Church Leadership Exposed - 4.4.18/6.18.18/4.9.20

Amanda's words from the Lord:

In this season, secrets, now yes, we’re going to see secrets in the Government and in Hollywood pour out like crazy, I mean the dam is going to break and it’s just going to gush. But, secrets that have laid hidden in leadership in churches, and in families; I’m talking secrets that have been kept for years are going to be exhumed and exposed by the Lord. So if that’s going on, keep praying to the Lord to exhume it and expose it because it says in Numbers it says, your sins shall find you out, so if someone’s doing something they shouldn’t and they keep hiding it, that sin at some point God is going to allow to find them out. But these family secrets and secrets in churches with leadership, because we’re in a season also where spring cleaning is coming to the house of God, has already started. We’re going to see this year into next year major leaders in the Christian world, have to step down because of what’s exposed that they’ve been doing behind closed doors. So when I tell you that secrets in families and in church leadership that have laid hidden for years are going to be exhumed and exposed by the Lord, I’m not kidding you. 

So we’re going to see a lot of family secrets outed and I’m telling you, the time is upon us, the hour is here that we’re going to see this happen, so buckle up and hang on guys because these people that have buried these secrets in families and in church leadership especially, it’s going to be exposed and it’s going to be forcefully exposed and it’s going to be exposed in a way that they can’t rebury it or get out of it this time because it needs to be dealt with and the people that it’s hurting needs to be freed.



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