Disney - 03.27.2018

 Amanda's words from the Lord:

Let’s talk about Disney for a moment, Walt Disney. People think, oh, Disney’s innocent, wrong! Disney is not innocent and I’m going to tell you why. The enemy uses things about Disney and what they make to ever so innocently get junk into a child’s spirit early on in life. Now Disney is getting more and more perverted now, they are getting more and more twisted and occultic in their movies, and they gently begin to induct children into the way of the occult. You don’t believe me? Mickey Mouse was dressed like a warlock in Fantasia, with a magic wand and it’s not innocent. It’s like, oh it’s a sweet mouse in a little costume, that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to think so you’re not on to the mysticism and warlock the occultic practices behind that. Not only Mickey Mouse, the heroes and heroines Disney has been using, it’s been getting worse because they take part in magic and mystical powers to save the day.

Prophecy in the News: