Ark of Grace Ministries

StepOn Socks is a small patriotic company fighting for the truth in our own unique and non-violent way. We take pleasure in stepping on the snakes in our society each and every day.

One of our founders is a physician who refuses to be part of the Healthcare AKA Sickcare industry, as she does NOT believe in medical tyranny and recognized the injustice brought about by the "pandemic" in March 2020.

Mission: To be part of an elevated style of life with hearts centered and balanced in Love, God, Family, Fellow Humans, and our Beloved Country.

Currently, we cater only to customers who are located in the USA, Canada, and the AU.

Proud sponsors of the Stew Peters Show as well as other patriotic influencers! God bless all our supporters and thank you for visiting and supporting our small company!

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